My name is Ms. Kristy. I am an artist and educator, and have been working with children for 20 years.

Our family owned and operated an art gallery in Fullerton, California called PÄS | project art school for 8 years, where we hosted art exhibits and art workshops. We have been a part of the Fullerton community supporting local art for over 10 years. As an educator, I began my career in early childhood education and later continued teaching Art in our local schools to children from TK to 8th grade. Following my passion for Art and working with children, I recently set out on a new challenge and helped pilot a Reggio-inspired classroom.

I consider myself a lifelong learner and have been engrained in the process of learning from, and with, children for the past 20 years, which includes raising my own two boys. Even though I have been working in early childhood education, this site is not just for young children. Parents with children of any age can use and modify these ideas. Even an adult can benefit from freeing themselves of hardship while letting creativity be your guide.

So whether you find yourself home-schooled, learning on-line, back in the classroom, or a hybrid, I hope this site will be an inspiration and a resource for your journey of Art as Education.

So, let’s find out What’s in the Art Box!